- Brainard Carey,

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"Some books are good reads, and some change your life. In the case of this slim but life-changing book, it was the latter for me...." 

The 30 Day Media Diet: Do I need it?


When excessive coverage of a story, fake news, fringe commentary, tabloid frenzy or inane videos are the order of the day, you know you've ingested enough media fat, and your mind needs time to revert to more elemental forms of nutrition. Through this balanced combination of proverbs, poetry, books and film, Dr. Ignassen Mather will help you reduce your cholestertalk, lose media fat, and put those perspectives back into shape.

Acquiring a curatorial attitude towards the information we receive is the goal of our Diet. To be accountable of the process by which our ideas are formed requires asking harder questions when we think we have answers. To validate our assumptions and seek different contexts, apart and afar from the subject at hand is helpful to gain a vantage point. Media Fat is the inordinate amount of information that imposes itself upon us by virtue of the power and frequency it has in the mainstream media and current conversation at a given time. It makes our minds obese with the gist of the moment, and our ideas lose their shape. 

To discern the value in different sets of ideas is the reward of study, curiosity and an open mind. Eventually, you may find that it’s more comforting and healthy to do as we do:

Treat your mind like a museum, not a warehouse.


The author takes you on a journey of four weeks, where you read a book each week paired with a movie every night. Like a good meal, with the right pairings of wine, it is a sensual and intellectual experience.

Brainard Carey
Yale Radio

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